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About to complete high school? Consider NOW as the time to ready your university application,
because it is always better to be prepared ahead of time.

The process of university application is much more than just form-filling. It is essential to ensure everything is ready before application. Can you be sure that your profile stands out from the crowd? Are you aware of and able to meet the requirements of your dream school? Do you have clear expectations of your subject choice and its related career prospects?

What We Offer


Industry professional Advice

Optimus Pathways provides university and subject choice recommendations from industry specialists with expertise in a wide range of academic areas.
Our expert knowledge of varied industries means we are able to provide students with invaluable advice on choices of subjects and schools, as well as offering glimpses into industry landscapes – empowering students with the insight needed for planning and executing their next chapter in life.

University Application

We have your back with advice and help on Personal Statements, Admission Essays and interview preparation.
We will help keep you on track with application requirements and deadlines to ensure nothing is missed. More importantly, we make sure that your application excels and shines among all others.
We also provide comprehensive analyses of educational institutions to guide students through school choices and what’s right for them.

Profile Building

We make sure your profile is well developed before application. We provide recommendations on subject choices as well as extra-curricular activities.

Preparatory Courses

University preparatory course for student to get a taste of
the subject choice and get prepared.
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Percent of students get into one of the top 3 choices of university
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