What services do Optimus Pathways offer?

The first step of success is since high school. We offer services to students,
to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Step 1 is about building a strong foundation.

Academic Tutorial

Quality one-on-one and group classes to help students achieve their best results.




Academic Coach

We assist parents to keep track of students’ school performance. Our academic coach provides professional recommendations on how to maximize students’ potential by being the students’ best buddy.

Monthly report on performance at school with improvement plans

Keep track of school’s assessment and submission deadlines

Support on participation in social projects for profile building and Extra-curriculum activity recommendation

Writing Enhancement

Provide assistance in content review and proofreading for Essays, Extended Essays (EE), Dissertations and Internal Assessments etc.

Want to improve your overall writing skills?

We also have English writing enhancement and presentation courses available.

Our Consultants & Tutors

Unparalleled Quality

Optimus Pathways tutors are themselves graduates of world-class universities, including those belonging to Russell Group and Ivy League. Our robust tutor selection process guarantees the provision of top-quality teaching. Extensive teaching experience is also one of our crucial selection criteria.
The team is also experienced in creating and preparing quality revision materials.

Bespoke Programs

We understand and appreciate that everyone has unique learning goals. Our tailor-made classes and services help provide comprehensive programs best suited to your needs. Our mission is to support you in your strive for excellence.

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    “We are a group of passionate educators who share the same belief – knowledge knows no boundaries and the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

    Belinda, Co-Founder